1. Timeline of Zetta

    13 PF –
    Born in newly constructed Bridgeton. Father is Charles Bertande. Mother is Cassandra Bertande.
    23 PF –
    10 years of age, Zetta begins to show interest in the art of war. Charles Bertande, a member of the Bridgeton Marines, encourages and trains his son in basic swordplay.
    30 PF –
    Zetta is 17 years of age. Charles Bertande disappears after being dispatched against Imperial Dalmar during border skirmishes against Valikorlia. Presumed a casualty ...

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    RP Blogs
  2. [Pending Title] Zetta RP Stuff


    “Come! Face me! If you are all so eager to die, then allow me to bring death to you!”

    A voice shouted over the hills southwest of Bartlett, echoing far and wide into the mountains of Laboo, followed by a resounding explosive crack of thunderous force shaking the land. Drenched in a coating of blood in a pool of crimson stood one alone with dripping wet blade held in hand. Streaks of red fell across his being, poured down the angles of his armor, down ...
  3. To do list:

    -Finish Umbraculo.gmap
    -Start interior levels
    -Start Mage Tower of Umbraculo
    -Start working on Slums
    -Start working on Underdark caves
    -Start working on Mountain pass to Umbraculo

    -Work with GSCRIPT to develop more interactive NPCs
    -Start working on Tutorial concepts

    -Finalize Umbraculo lore
    -Continue working on Bestiary
    -Continue working on Nuzalheim
    -Fix Beadra
    -Fix Komodo
    -Fix Runagate?????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????? ...

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