1. Hectic School Life Complete! Now I wanna RP Again~

    So I made a big blunder with college. I took three project focused art courses and got my ass handed to me with deadlines, due dates, and having to not procrastinate. (The hardest part for sure!) So this time I'm just hitting my core classes and less projects, so I think i'll have time now to actually RP again. I even had to give up playing WoW. I had to track down my graal stuff since i'm on a different comp. sorry for having been on for like...a week and vanishing. I felt super bad! i think ...
  2. Eirwen Rimeheart Application

    Eirwen Rimeheart

    Eirwen, in her youth, was accustomed to watching in awe at the Druids of Winter when they came down from the mountain peaks. She would often be escorted by her mother to the rituals they performed. Watching with her mouth agape at the auroras in the heavens they conjured, or great stories they told by weaving the snow into great dragons and warriors before dashing them against the wind to become nothing more than snowflakes on the tip of her nose. Her life ...
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