Infandus Epistolas

From the scrolls, letters, tomes, and codices collected by Pliny the Poxscarred, apprentice of The Scribe and the Great Archives.

  1. Understanding Portals, a Simpleton's Guide, Volume I

    Understanding Portals, a Simpleton's Guide, Volume I
    An excerpt on teleportation circles, by Sechen the Mad, exiled mathematician and wizard of Frost.

    Teleportation is a fairly complex magic, but the essence of it can easily be grasped even by laymen. Imagine that the world as a flat line, and that you are at one point on the line trying to get to another. It is impossible to do this instantly, as you would need to pass through every other point in between: walls, doors, and other ...
  2. On the Nature of the “Far Realms”

    On the Nature of the "Far Realms"
    A dissertation by Izaak Tlovokov, struck from the records of Ignis Fatuus after failing to pay his guild dues and leaving without permission.

    There is a folk tale in my native home of Breshk Valley, one that speaks of a great and mighty wizard who once hid his most valuable possession within the pin of the head of a needle, and the needle inside of an egg, with the egg inside of a mighty boar, and the boar within a great and mighty ...
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