1. Character Information: Companions of Vitharr

    Vitharr Halldorsson

    Birth Year: 46 PF
    Height: 6'8" (203.2 cm)
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

    • Vitharr Omenclad
    • Kingslayer
    • Trollslayer
    • Warlord of the Companions of Vitharr and Torhvild Hall
    • Giantslayer

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  2. Character Backgrounds: Felarion Rivershade

    Felarion was born in Ilterendi in the year 46 PF, to parents Ailan and Nannet Siryalomin, or Rivershade in common, as they prefer to go by. They gained ownership of the Ilterendi inn and called it home. Felarion was born in the confines of this forest town, and his parents discovered early on in their son's life that Felarion would suffer from a physical affliction for the rest of his years.

    In Felarion's childhood, he spent his time confined to bed, unable to walk around or physically ...

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