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  1. Character Information: Companions of Vitharr

    Vitharr Halldorsson

    Birth Year: 46 PF
    Height: 6'8" (203.2 cm)
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

    • Vitharr Omenclad
    • Kingslayer
    • Trollslayer
    • Warlord of the Companions of Vitharr and Torhvild Hall
    • Giantslayer

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  2. Roderick's Journal | Entry - Fall of Last Wall

    A building fell on me!

    We fell inanimate again and dreamed. What happened during the dream we're unsure, but we woke up to Nuzalheim. Not exactly, but something close enough for us to feel like it!
    We worked ourself free from the collapse of the building we had set our enchantment work area in, which was a bad idea as we initially thought. Just for different reasons.
    Once we escaped the rubble and got into the courtyard we came a cross the Interloper and raiders

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  3. Roderick's Journal | Koschiem Meeting - Defense of the Borders

    Topic, topic, defense of the borders?
    Writing on the fly here! Very first meeting with guests!

    We should probably write down what happens here, so that way we don't forget! Fresh on our mind would be the best to work on this. Another meetings of the Magistrates and esteemed members of the Undying Court.
    Though this time two representatives instead of the Elder Magistrate is here, why?
    Member of KEEP, Ea also sits here. Albino elf? We were there at Last Wall when the

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  4. Roderick's Journal | Rituals - Ward against Undeath

    Feth Devils
    Our first worked on ritual Roderick since you've taken me up!
    Write our motivation for projects above, unless you have a proper title!

    The scum of Nuzalheim weave necromancy easier then most, at least from our encounter with the Interloper has made us think this.
    So for those of Last Wall we shall be attempting to work on a trinket for everyone of their soldiers. To carry around with them to keep them safe from non-consensual animation.
    The practice

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  5. Roderick's Journal | Vile Beings - The Interloper

    That feeling is the worst.

    How dare it, how dare it speak of peace but do such an act?! It lifted no finger, it simply commanded the man to approach. He walked over the wall to his death, and what did we do Roderick!?
    What did you do, you didn't stop its voice, you didn't spring forward to catch the man!
    Are you turning back to your old self Roderick, is self-preservation that important to you that you didn't move to aide that man? Or were you thinking that

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