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  1. Character Information: Companions of Vitharr

    Vitharr Halldorsson

    Birth Year: 46 PF
    Height: 6'8" (203.2 cm)
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

    • Vitharr Omenclad
    • Kingslayer
    • Trollslayer
    • Warlord of the Companions of Vitharr and Torhvild Hall
    • Giantslayer

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  2. Character Backgrounds: Felarion Rivershade

    Felarion was born in Ilterendi in the year 46 PF, to parents Ailan and Nannet Siryalomin, or Rivershade in common, as they prefer to go by. They gained ownership of the Ilterendi inn and called it home. Felarion was born in the confines of this forest town, and his parents discovered early on in their son's life that Felarion would suffer from a physical affliction for the rest of his years.

    In Felarion's childhood, he spent his time confined to bed, unable to walk around or physically ...

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  3. Show time.

    Inspired by The Bards Song, covered by Jumblekye.

    A local Tavern owner invited the young Navarro to perform for the regular loud and rowdy patrons for a few gold peices aswel a place to bunk for a few nights, hardly something the entertainer would pass up. These times were rough for the community, those who had kin suffering the struggle of the hellblight would find themselves finding relief to their sorrow at the end of a frothy glass mug, those of a higher spirit would join with ...
  4. Training

    Alassea would be perched up ontop the rooftop of the Inn and Pub she was residing in, the woman was sitting at the edge with her legs dangling over freely;in her hands was her personal journal which she was scratching at excessively with an ink dipped quill, by the expression on her face it would seem the Elf was very focused on whatever it was she was working on.
    She removed the edge from the parchment and gently tapped the feathered end to her chin, as if contemplating; on the fine paper ...
  5. Mirror

    The young elf would be standing steady in the middle of her Inn room, her emerald eyes were trained on a tall mirror placed atop a writers desk; in her reflection Nava watched the two small knives she was wielding, she twirled the small blade simultaneously between her index fingers and thumbs. Looking at herself with blades was slightly discouraging, never has the woman thought of herself as any sort of warrior.. With a sigh she stopped the rotation of the blades to where she was gripping the steel ...
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