Character Information: Companions of Vitharr

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Vitharr Halldorsson

Birth Year: 46 PF
Height: 6'8" (203.2 cm)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

  • Vitharr Omenclad
  • Kingslayer
  • Trollslayer
  • Warlord of the Companions of Vitharr and Torhvild Hall
  • Giantslayer
  • Conqueror of Daith
  • Jarl of Nothorwic

Place of Birth: Nothorwic Village, Londar Island, Stal Vindur

  • Cave Troll teeth (Carried)
  • Giant Corvbear nail (Carried)
  • Unopenable Golden Runic Chest (Torhvild Hall)
  • Giant Corvbear skull (Torhvild Hall)
  • Skull of the Hill Giant, Dhoz the Turd (Torhvild Hall)
  • Hill Giant Incisor (Carried)

General Description:

  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a dragon headed serpent on the length of his face, the dragon's head beginning with its jaws around his right eye, with its body curving down the length of his face, and its tail ending at his chin.
  • Chest length hair
  • Small beard
  • Medium muscular build
  • Corvbear leather hauberk worn above chainmail
  • Carries a sword of traditional Vinnish make named Gifrbita, and a boss gripped circular wooden shield
  • Wears an old dark cloak mantled with large raven feathers from a Corvbear
  • Scar from an axe swing on his left cheek, received during his duel with Jarl Erlend
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a troll's face on his left shoulder
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a corvbear on his chest
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoos of an ogre's face and a hill giant's face on his back

Vitharr was not born extraordinary or exceptional; a normal Vinman pup like any other, but the comparison with his frail and unworthy older brother, Young Halldor, was all it needed for Halldor the Furious to set his younger son to a higher standard. It was Vitharr's father's wish to forge a Viking that his own father, Yngvarr, would be proud of. As a boy, Vitharr was put through long hours of training. Often times he could not measure up to what his father desired of him, and in truth Halldor the Furious only became harsher as a result. He could not see it, however; Vitharr's real potential was beginning to be born amidst the daily and nightly hours of training. An area where the young boy began to excel as he continually had to deal with and endure his expectant father. His father's training made him durable, it made him skilled with a blade, and honed his reflexes as a fighter, there was no doubt, but what Halldor could not see is that it was making Vitharr cunning. More cunning with each day that came, with each training bout.

Halldor wished for a son built on brute strength and the fury in which he himself was named for, but Vitharr learned early that a calculating mind was not without its merits. Vitharr was never one for word games, nor one for trickery or acts of dishonor, but he often could notice patterns in the way people would speak, how they would act, and what to expect. He came to see things others tended to ignore or not even pick up on. Vitharr would come to know what brought them weakness, how to overcome what may seem impossible to some but in truth was simply a matter of watching, listening, and waiting.

In this way, he drew strength not solely from the sword, but the mind as well. It was not long until his father was unable to land even a single strike on Vitharr during training, but not for a lack of trying. There was nothing his father could do with the blade, now, that the young boy could not overcome. It took trial and error, it took repetition and failure, but most of all it took unrelenting determination to endure and completely overcome his father as a fighter. It was during Halldor's first defeat that he began to realize how much he had underestimated his young son. It was his second defeat that Halldor fully realized what he had been ignoring in his son all this time.

Though not as Halldor the Furious envisioned, Vitharr had become a worthy son, a warrior, in his eyes. As Vitharr grew up, as he grew closer to his brother, and his two friends Runa and Sveinn, he developed a deep sense of comradery and altruistic intent. Often, he would think of how situations benefited his friends, rather than himself, and each action he would commit would only occur after contemplating how it affected them. His cunning mind would be used with the single aim as to give his friends and brother better circumstances in life, and this way of thinking has stayed with him. His drive, his ambition, is in seeing those that are close to him, that rely on him, that trust him, that follow him, rise in both status and reputation. His way of thinking has led to where he is today, as the leader of his loyal Companions.

Halldor Halldorsson

Birth Year: 38 PF
Height: 6'5" (195.6 cm)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Titles/Other Names (if applicable): N/A
Place of Birth: Nothorwic Village, Londar Island, Stal Vindur
Trophies: N/A
General Description:

  • Ear length hair
  • Short scraggly beard
  • Skinny build
  • Carries a pouch of bleached bones from all manner of creatures, including Corvbear, Hill Giant bone shavings
  • Gets around with the help of a walking stick

Halldor Halldorsson, or Young Halldor. He was born just seven years before his father, Halldor the Furious, and his grandfather, Yngvarr, set off to the east to raid with the other Vinmen when Fafnir, the newly ascended Odeking, rallied the forces of Stal Vindur. Young Halldor was born frail, to the disappointment of his father and grandfather. Halldor and Yngvarr wished to add another of the Viking blood to their line, but in Young Halldor their hopes were dashed. The boy could barely lift a training weapon, let alone a real one, growing up. His frailty caused him to be largely shunned by his father who saw in him only weakness. Young Halldor spent the majority of his time, as such, with his mother, helping her with the tasks he was able to.

When Halldor the Furious returned from the east with a broken spirit, he returned to his family with a more subdued personality. He no longer chided Halldor for his weaknesses, nor did he direct his vitriol toward the boy; instead Halldor the Furious spent each day as if devoid of thought and exhausted. The tribulations he and Yngvarr went through on Valikorlia seemed to have taken its toll, as well as the loss of Yngvarr while there. Despite the loss of his fighting spirit, Halldor the Furious was still passionate about his wish to have raised a warrior, a Viking.

The distance felt between Young Halldor and his father was the main cause for the boy to turn to the Grey Ones, and delve into his faith. Though you would not catch Halldor the Furious speaking one word about the mysterious Grey, it was Young Halldor's mother, Ysra, that filled the boy's head with stories of the Grey, of seers and druids, of bones and rituals. While Halldor the Furious was off taking to battle or training, Young Halldor was helping tend to the house with his mother and learning.

Halldor the Furious and the departed Yngvarr's hopes were placed in the second son that would come years later. Growing up alongside Vitharr, Halldor wanted to resent his little brother, for in the boy was what their father saw was lacking in his first born. He was envious of Vitharr to be able to be the warrior their father, and grandfather, wished for, and in the early days of their childhood Halldor would treat his little brother with contempt because of it. Though envy and contempt would turn to admiration and protection. When Vitharr was beaten and bloody after a bout of training with their father, it was Young Halldor that was to clean his wounds and ease his pain. It was Young Halldor that whispered words of encouragement whenever there was an inkling of Vitharr's will in danger of failing.

Though Vitharr's cunning was all of his own making, his endurance and will to suffer through their father was born of Young Halldor's constant support of the boy. Halldor's bond with his little brother had shown the frail Vinman what it was like to have someone to take care of, and to feel looked up to, and depended on for guidance.

Runa Gunnarsdottir

Birth Year: 45 PF
Height: 6'3" (190.5 cm)
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Eye Color: Black
Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

  • Runa Stormlashed
  • Huscarl of Vitharr Omenclad

Place of Birth: Nothorwic Village, Londar Island, Stal Vindur

  • Brass crown of King Lewyn of the Storm Isles (Torhvild Hall)
  • Giant Corvbear nail (Carried)
  • Ogre Incisor (Carried)

General Description:

  • Eyes painted with kohl, a dark colored powder
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoos across the entirety of both her arms, both depicting weaving designs of serpents
  • Long hair fashioned into thick braids
  • Slim muscular build
  • Corvbear leather hauberk worn above chainmail
  • Carries two traditional Vinnish handaxes, occasionally uses a boss gripped circular shield
  • Scar across the length of her right arm ending at her palm, received during the Companion's skirmish with a giant Corvbear when it slashed her with its beak
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a corvbear talon on her throat
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of an ogre on her back

Born only a year before Vitharr, Runa spent all of her life in the home of Halldor the Furious and his wife Ysra. Both her father and mother, Gunnarr and Birna respectively, were oathsworn to Vitharr's grandfather, Yngvarr. However, in the time before her birth, Gunnarr was killed and Birna had fallen out of favor with Yngvarr and was dishonored. The reason was never spoken of to Runa, but the consequence for the pregnant Birna, whom had died in childbirth, was to have her daughter raised as a slave. Taken by Yngvarr as a baby, Runa was given to Halldor the Furious to raise in his household as a slave to the family. As a baby she was mostly taken care of by Ysra and the frail Young Halldor, and as she grew she began to take on more responsibilities to carry her weight as a slave and contribute to the family. She grew up alongside Vitharr and Young Halldor, though the distinction that she was a slave was a daily reminder to her from Halldor the Furious.

Despite her indentured status, it was through Vitharr and Young Halldor that she learned what family was. Though Young Halldor often tried to keep his distance from her as to respect the boundary their father expected, Vitharr never once shied away from considering her as close as family. They would play together often, and there were times where Vitharr slacked in his training in order to aid Runa with her household chores. When the daily chores had come to an end, the little girl found herself watching the harsh training that Halldor the Furious would put Vitharr through. It was while observing their fighting, and observing Vitharr's endurance, that Runa wished to also learn herself.

Though Halldor the Furious would not have approved, Runa began to learn how to fight from Vitharr in secret, whenever the boy was free, as he seemed just as eager to teach as she was to learn. Though her position as a slave may have been a terrible one to some, Runa was not treated as poorly as others. Indeed, because of Vitharr, Young Halldor, and their mother Ysra, her life was not a bad one.

Runa would find her freedom from slavery on the eve of Vitharr's fifteenth birthday. He challenged his father, who was content to keep Runa as a slave, in order to buy the girl's freedom. Of course Vitharr had not lost to his father since many years past, so the challenge was won despite the ferocity of Halldor the Furious. Runa was then a free woman, and in her freedom chose to stay with Vitharr as they were already family in her eyes. No longer a slave, she wished to now be seen as a warrior, and thanks to long years training with Vitharr and their friend Sveinn, she was ready. But beyond her two friends, she developed a taste for blood and battle all on her own, her eagerness for glory and combat setting her apart from Vitharr and Sveinn.

Sveinn Haakonsson

Birth Year: 44 PF
Height: 7'4" (223.5 cm)
Hair Color: Brownish-blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

  • Sveinn the Pup
  • Giantslayer
  • ​Huscarl of Vitharr Omenclad

Place of Birth: Nothorwic Village, Londar Island, Stal Vindur

  • Giant Corvbear nail (Carried)
  • Hill Giant Incisor (Carried)

General Description:

  • Bald headed
  • Long, thick goatee
  • Large muscular build
  • Abnormally tall
  • Slow witted
  • Corvbear leather hauberk worn over cloth
  • Carries a heavy two handed axe
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a corvbear beak on his right forearm
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of an ogre's face on his stomach
  • Blueish-black Norse tattoo of a hill giant's face on his chest

Sveinn Haakonsson was an odd boy. As a young child, his size was already remarkable, and in him his parents thought there was no doubt he would be a great warrior one day. It was early on in the boy's life that his parents, both common fishermen, noticed the boy's slower nature and tendency to never question his surroundings. His parents were perhaps blessed, for they had a child that did not argue, did not tantrum, and did not shy away from chores. Accepting things at face value and never uttering a question left the boy rather dull of mind, and unable to answer what would be even simple and mundane questions. His parents were unsure if he was fit for anything other than learning how to man a fishing pole, which for them was rather fine as it was how they lived, though Sveinn's unusual size felt like a waste, to both his parents and the villagers of Nothorwic.

Sveinn did not have many friends, as he was kept mostly at home or on a fishing boat with his father. It was not until the unusually large boy ran into Vitharr and Halldor the Furious one midafternoon in the village that Sveinn had even met another child his age. Halldor's appraisal of the rather strong looking boy was a good one, and hoping to use Sveinn as an example of what he wished of Vitharr, he encouraged the two children to interact. Vitharr had already gotten wise to his father's plan, and in the first meeting of the two boys, Vitharr sent the unsuspecting Sveinn face first into the dirt.

Sveinn was surprised more than hurt, and he did not retaliate, for he did not even know how to begin. Halldor the Furious' interest quickly waned after that, but it was Vitharr that took pity on him. Sveinn's parents were wary about letting the boys see each other again after that, and Vitharr's mother Ysra chided her son for starting a fight with a much larger boy. Though despite the worries of their parents, the two were bound to meet again. Much like Runa, Vitharr took to helping Sveinn learn how to defend himself, offering the large boy lessons. His swordplay was clumsy, and the way he swung his shield about would have left even Young Halldor embarrassed.

Vitharr handed him an axe, one big enough to require the lad to hold it in both hands. It was then that the two learned just what sort of strength lay in Sveinn, as the power behind one swing of that axe could have cleaved anything in twain, they thought. For Sveinn, he began to feel something more than blind acceptance. He felt a desire to learn, to grow, born mainly out of his wish to continue to please his new friend. Before long, Sveinn would forge an unbreakable bond with Vitharr. Wherever Vitharr would wander, Sveinn would be right on his heels. Whatever Vitharr decided to do, it was Sveinn that would decide the very same, and whatever Vitharr would tell him to do, off the boy would go to get it done.

It was this that caused Young Halldor to grant Sveinn a new name he felt was fitting, Sveinn the Pup. Meant to demean and tease the slow minded boy, Sveinn took it in stride, quickly finding the name appealing, to Halldor's disappointment, even into the present. Now, there may not be another Companion among Vitharr's men as devoted as the oversized Sveinn the Pup.

Brynhild Asrundottir

Birth Year: 39 PF

Height: 6’8” (203.2 cm)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Titles/Other Names (if applicable):

  • Huscarl of Vitharr Omenclad

Place of Birth: Aeglund Village, Londar Island, Stal Vindur

  • Ogre Incisor (Carried)

General Description:

  • Long hair bound and braided into rows
  • Medium muscular build
  • Wears a chainmail hauberk
  • Wields a traditional Vinnish axe and a boss gripped circular shield
  • Rather tall, for a Vinwoman

Brynhild was born in the heavily wooded eastern side of Londar island. Her village of Aeglund, nestled inside the forest, was home to carpenters and lumberjacks for which her clan is known for. Surrounded by them growing up, she herself was raised in both trades. From as early as she can remember, Brynhild always held an axe in hand, helping her father Ornjolf and her mother Asrun fell trees and split wood, from the early hours of morning to the late hours of night.

The clan found their wealth in the harvesting and trading of timber, usually finding trade with the west of Londar, which was not as forested, or more predominantly with other islands out of the port of Sundholm. However, in more recent years, the port carried with it a heavy tax burden, set down by the Jarl which both ruled Sundholm and was the overlord of Aeglund village, which gradually saw the decline of Brynhild’s clan in both wealth and status.

But the clan of Aegirlings were a hardy folk that were not ones for complaints, they stared hardship in the eye and persevered despite their troubles. Brynhild was the same. A quiet and sensible girl, she may not have complained but that did not mean she did not wish for a solution. While her clan continued on under the yolk of their Jarl, she sought a way to alleviate her clan’s ails.

While she was biding her time, she heard of a boy in a distant village that was seeking to gather together men and women for a raiding expedition to the south, promising riches and fame. She was a strong woman, her entire life living as a lumberjack had made it so, but she was still untested when it came to the warrior’s life. Still, she could not ignore the possibility of bringing back treasure for her family to help the clan.

Bidding the village farewell, Brynhild traveled to the boy’s village of Nothorwic to the northwest, and there she met with Vitharr Halldorsson. The woman thought him mad at first, ambition outstripping his good sense, but there was something about him that lingered. Something that gripped her. The way he spoke, the way he carried himself, the way he looked at her, and the way others looked at him, it made her want to believe he could do all he was promising, and more. Though she questioned her own sense in that moment, she thought that if there was even a chance that this journey could benefit her clan, she should see it through.

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