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Thread: Indentation and formatting

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    Indentation and formatting

    Are there any commands for Indentation at the start of a paragraph and formatting like spacing between lines to make posts look cleaner and easier to read?

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    For the forums? Not that I am aware of, no. vBulletin 5.1 had some atrocious formatting issues, so anything after that seems like a joy to read. If you are ever concerned about what sort of font/class/etc. is being applied to your post, the first option on the WYSIWYG editor is to switch to source mode for review. The second option allows you to remove all formatting altogether. This is mostly just useful for migrating text from another area to the forums, e.g. google docs and its associated formatting.

    As for the client, either in terms of masses, RPing, or scripting, I am not sure.

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