Project Swing Sultans
63 PF
Ulsday-Red, the Astral Sea

All numbers are to convene on Ulsday-Red for the latest round of consultation. The recently joined 13 and 67 will not be invited this year due to ongoing project work, but should be considered fully-fledged agents.

Due to the events of project Secondhand Zigzag, monitoring across the spectrum will continue until all known cases of infestation, corruption, and dael-lost activity is entirely stamped out. Due to the delicate nature of our alliance with the Benefactors, all agents will pursue goals involving project Swing Sultans until the end of the year. All current projects are therefore on hold until the next round of consultation. In particular, agents should be on the look out for outside parties being investigative of our work, with several leaks occurring during the last year; our clandestine nature must be preserved until the time is right.

Do not fail.