Alright, so the story for those who care, since we didn't finish up:

One of the trade princes, Hiran Khatri, owned a casino in Port Wolfe before the divide happened. He made a pretty big stipend on trade deals ontop of the gambling and as the incredibly rich often do, they get bored. He paid bounty hunters and mercenaries to capture incredibly rare creatures and made a zoo for them.

During a trip to Suiriku, he heard about Kappa and became interested; not because of their deep spiritual connections, but because they're rare. So, he had some found and kidnapped. They died on the trip back. After two more trips to Suiriku, he learned that they needed a home pond's water in their skullbowls, so he paid an exhorbitant sum to have the pond's water moved into a tank with a pregnant female, her mate, and relocated them.

The divide happens some years after and things mutate as they do, including the kappa. What's more, Hiran began to suffer delitrious effects as well. Hiran fucked off for some odd amount of years to Helshire, that town with the everdark portal, suffering from schizophrenia, hearing voices that may or may not have been Meridiallas's as his skin changed and his fingers turned to claws. He digs through the wreckage until he can find some shattered necromancy texts.

Now the kappas grow up in Dalmar and their parental units don't survive the radiation, but the youngins are young, so they do. They keep some unhatched eggs of their madre's in the rare case they might hatch in the casino, favoring walls for their protection. The turtledraconids fight off raider bandits for a hwhile until they meet a band of ruffians who aren't all jack knaves and they give them proper Dalmarite names: Leonid, Dmitri, Mikhail, and Rotislav.

The four turtles and the band of ruffians go off to wipe out a raider group that's been attacking port wolfe frequently, and during this moment Hiran returns with four humans tied up and knocked out. He sets up an altar on a balcony and lays one of the men on it, before brandishing a pallorite dagger. Hiran believes he's been possessed and his soul has been torn from his body, so he does a ceremony to call it back and expell what he believed was possessing him. He cracks open the kappa eggs, sacrificing as much life as he can before plunging the dagger into victim #1. The texts he read were incomplete, and his idea of what was going on was wrong, so the spell backfires: It pulls Phantos, a seemingly random soul from the woods to the north and simultaneously, Hiran disappears.

So, just as Phantos materializes, the incomplete spell fades the most recent memories. Ritz doesn't remember being hit from behind outside of his favorite bar. Mennas doesn't remember the dead chef at his caviar establishment. Phantos doesn't remember haunting his forest.

But the turtles come in, and they see the broken eggs, and boy are they mad. Except Mikhail, he thought someone like Ritz could never do that -- until Ritz betrayed his trust.